Use only a pea-sized amount for children under the age of three.

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Advent Calendar 2014!

Most recent Time Machine entry, Triplicate, was made on 23, October, 2014. That's 280 days ago.

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Time Machine: A journal, more. or less. Often words, sometimes other things. This is the meat of, more. than a decade's worth of stuff.
Bullboard: Got something to say to the world?
Answers: Frequently questioned answers
Miscellania: It didn't quite fit anywhere else
Contact: Say hello

Visual Delights:

Uglymatic: Surreal animated foolishness. 100's of 1000's of possibilities. Send one to a friend today!
Headacher: Abstract animations
Advent: An animated advent calendar
88: A series of paintings
Dreems: Interactive cartoons. A not-so-exquisite corpse.
Telepathaggregator: Take your psychic temperature.

I took a Polaroid each day for for more than five years. Here's a random one:

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Older Cellphone Pics
Lomo Kompakt Automat
Horizon 202 panoramic
Graph Check Sequential Polaroid
Fisher Price Creative Effects
Other Photography: panoramic quilts, travelogue photo series, and other snapshot sets.